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Hosanna College of Health, INC. was incorporated in 2012 in order to provide students, individuals and organizations seeking to improve their performance in business as well as in their daily lives. Hosanna College of Health’s President and CEO, Dr. Jackson Augustin, is one of the driving forces of this company since its inception in 2012.

Dr. Jackson Augustin established the college after recognizing the academic and support needs of domestic and international students that desire to pursue health care careers and to acquire the qualifications to pass health care licensing and certification examinations. In vitae metus at neque elementum condimentum. Quisque fringilla porta metus, in posuere tellus ullamcorper in. Sed at metus velit. Aliquam consequat venenatis tortor, vel elementum mi laoreet tristique.

About the College

Faculty members in the Hosanna College of Nursing is committed to providing a quality education to students and producing self-directed graduates who can make a difference in the community as highly competent, caring, culturally-sensitive, healthcare professionals. By using multiple classroom innovations, technology-rich curricula and small group discussions as appropriate, our diverse faculty members encourage active learning and strive to produce graduates who are committed to lifelong learning, providing healthcare, and promoting social justice for all.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor that leads to professional development. Adult learners should be self-directed and committed to the development, evaluation, and application of knowledge that is based on scientific inquiry. For health-related professions this scientific inquiry informs decisions, interventions, and practices for all professions.

Health professionals should be safe and competent practitioners/providers who represent and advocate for multicultural and diverse populations. Cultural sensitivity, along with mutual respect for others, is necessary to practice in a global society. The cultural aspects of health and illness require interventions that can be tailored to individuals, improving adherence and health outcomes. The HCH embraces diversity such as cultural, ethnic, economic, and religious differences among our students, as these add to the cultural competence of all students and promote mutual respect and tolerance among and between students and faculty. Adding culturally diverse healthcare providers to the current workforce is necessary to minimize healthcare disparities, and reduce barriers to healthcare and create an inclusive global community.

Social justice is an important value and mission of healthcare providers. It serves as a paradigm by which professionals teach, serve, and conduct research in order to distribute healthcare resources among all citizens. It drives the efforts to educate populations about their risk factors and to serve those who live in communities with limited resources. Social justice also relies on scientists and researchers to produce findings that inform the healthcare community at large about the plight and needs of disenfranchised segments of the population.

To reach their full potential, healthcare professionals should become proficient as leaders, change agents, problem solvers, negotiators for conflict resolution, and promoters of multicultural health and well-being. The ability to engage clients, communities, and larger segments of the population in health promotion and disease reducing initiatives will require a strong sense of social responsibility, a commitment to lifelong learning, and the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference for one’s profession and in the lives of others.

The faculty expect all students in the Hosanna College of Nursing to adhere to the ethical principles of their profession. They should exercise academic integrity, adherence to HIPPA regulations, and respect for the confidentiality and privacy of others. They should exercise civility at all times, as this is crucial to collaborative practices where relaying and receiving information about clients/employees/colleagues is necessary to promote the well-being of those we serve. Students should be accountable for their actions, assuming responsibility and acknowledging when mistakes are made. This will prepare them for a career where variances from standard practices must be addressed in order to provide benchmark services. Moral character, ethical behavior, and the pursuit of knowledge will enable our students to become graduates who will contribute to the reputation we aspire to achieve in the state and region.


The mission of Hosanna College of Health is to offer educational pathways for personal and professional advancement within the health career fields. Hosanna College of Health strives for excellence in health career education. The college supports and challenges students to increase their health care knowledge and skills and become health care professionals.

To develop this foundation of appropriate skills and knowledge this institution will:

  • Include curriculum that offers the necessary theory and skill development to enable qualified students to gain employment upon completion of the program.
  • Employ qualified, motivated faculty to instruct, demonstrate skills and evaluate return demonstrations of those skills.
  • Provide an appropriate environment equipped to support the programs offered.
  • Survey employers to identify the skills necessary for graduates to be employed at entry level positions.
  • Provide employment placement assistance.


Hosanna College of Health makes a distinction between training and development: training teaches students new skills while developing students to use the skills they learn more frequently and efficiently. The full benefits of any program are realized once the individuals have developed the frame of mind and behavior required to make the best use of the skills they have just learned. Our institute emphasizes not only the Skills, but also the Attitudes and Goal Achievement required to be successful.


Dr. Jackson Augustin

As President and CEO, Dr. Jackson Augustin is responsible for overseeing the academic and business operations of the college and to set policies related to compliance with state and federal laws as well as assure business growth and long term viability.

The college is 100% owned by Hosanna College of Health, INC., a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Florida. The owner of Hosanna College of Health is Dr. Jackson Augustin. The institution is managed by Dr. Jackson Augustin, President and CEO. The main office is located at 6151 Miramar Parkway, Suite 300, Miramar, Florida 33023.

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11 Jun 2013 | 1 comments
Hosanna College of Health, Inc.
The college is incorporated.

28 Mar 2014 | 5 comments
Annual Report
Corporate annual report filed with the state of Florida.

5 Jun 2014 | 2 comments
Amendeded Report
Annual report to the state of Florida amended.
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Nursing Students state how happy they are to be at Hosanna College of Health

“ I am so happy I decided to attend Hosanna College of Health. The professors are very knowledgeable and they take the time to explain the materials.”
- Malaika Honorat, BSN Student


The mission of Hosanna College of Health is to offer educational pathways for personal and professional advancement within the health career fields.
Hosanna College of Health strives for excellence in health career education.